Cinco de Mayo Lunch Menu

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Homemade Chips & Salsa $3.95 * v

Guacamole Dip * v

Served with Crisp Corn Tortillas  $9.75

Wings of Fire

Served with Our Hot Sauce & Blue Cheese Sauce  $9

 Jalapeño Poppers

Stuffed Jalapenos with Cheddar Cheese and Deep-Fried, Drizzled with Black Raspberry  Sauce. $6

Nachos Grande *

With Guacamole, Sour Cream, Refried Beans, Jack Cheese  & Jalapenos $10,  Add Chicken $3 or Steak $4.50

Southwest Spring Rolls

Chicken, Black Beans, Roasted Corn Salsa, Cheese and Jalapeno Relish.   Served with Avocado Cream Sauce  $8

Mexican Pizza

A Large Flour Tortilla Topped with Salsa Rojo, Beef or Chicken, Garnished with Peppers, Tomatoes, Scallions, Black Olives and Cheese  $10


Black Bean GF #

Served over Rice with Sour Cream & Onions $5

Tortilla Soup #

Chiles, Roasted Tomatoes,  Tortillas, & Vegetable Stock, Served with Avocado Cream, Jack Cheese & Cilantro $6

Chile Mexicana *

Seasoned Ground Beef, Cowboy  Beans, Jack & Cheddar Cheese, Crema &  Sliced Jalapenos $7

Chicken Avocado Salad GF

Sliced Grilled Chicken Breast  & Served over Mixed Greens with Sliced Avocados, Tomatoes, Onion & Citrus Lime Vinaigrette  $14

Taco Salad *

A Fried Flour Tortilla Bowl Filled with Seasoned Chicken or Beef, Beans, Cheese, Lettuce, Onions, Tomatoes, & Sour Cream  $10, Grilled Chicken $11, Steak $13

Caesar Salad  *

Romaine, Red Chile Croutons and Queso Fresco  $8

With Grilled Chicken $11, Steak $13,  3 Shrimp $16

Tropical House Salad  GF v

Salad Greens Tossed with our Honey Mustard Vinaigrette & Served with our Tropical Salsa  $7


(Served with Mexican Rice & Refried Beans)

Served over Rajas, with Sour Cream, Pico De Gallo, Cheese, Salsa Rojo, & Three Flour Tortillas.

Chicken , Carnitas Pork, Barbacoa Brisket or Vegetarian $15,  Skirt Steak $18,  Shrimp $21, Blackened $1.00

(All Our  Steak is Certified Angus Beef, & Our Chicken is All Natural)


(Two Per Order) GF

Grilled Chicken $8, Grilled Steak $9, Pork Carnitas $8,  Brisket $$9, Shrimp $8,

(Add Rice & Refried Beans $4)

Each Taco is Made up of Two Corn Tortillas with Avocado Cream, Cheese, Pico de Gallo,  Salsa Verdes & Choice of Filling.

Baja Fish Taco

Plantain Crusted Mahi, Fried Crisp & Served over Southwest Slaw with Chipotle Aioli and Pico de Gallo in Flour Tortillas $9

Blackened Fish Tacos *

Blackened Salmon & Tuna over Southwest Slaw with Mango Salsa OR Avocado Cream & Pico in Flour Tortillas $10

Chipotle Shrimp Tacos *

Mildly Spicy, Filled with Guacamole, Cheese, Pico de Gallo,  &  Crema in Flour Tortillas $9


(All Our Burritos Come Loaded! Or GF, Naked in a Bowl)

A 12″ Hot  Flour Tortilla with Cheese, Rice, Black Beans,  Pico de Gallo, , Crema, Guacamole and Choice of Filling:

Grilled Chicken $11, Grilled Steak $12, Barbacoa Brisket $10, Pork Carnitas $10, Shrimp $10,  Beef Picadillo  $10,  Bean & Cheese $9


*-Can Be Prepared Gluten Free, #-Can Be Prepared Vegan

*( All Our Grilled Chicken is Antibiotic, & Hormone Free, 100% Vegetarian Feed & Humanely Raised & Processed)


Carne Asada *

Marinated Grilled Skirt Steak Topped with Jack Cheese .  Served with Mexican Rice, Charros Beans, a Cheese Enchilada,  Guacamole. & Flour Tortillas  $21

Chicken Quesadilla

With, Jack & Cheddar Cheese, & our Chunky Tomato Salsa, Layered Between Flour Tortillas, Baked &  Topped with Our Roasted Red Pepper Sauce &  Crema. Served with Tropical Salad & Mexican Rice  $11

Crab & Shrimp Enchilada

Crab, Shrimp, Mushrooms, Cheese, Chiles & Scallions  with Poblano Cheese  Sauce, Crema , Pico & Rice  $14

Pan Seared Tabasco Tequila Shrimp *

3 Marinated Jumbo Shrimp,  Fired with Gold Tequila & Finished with Tabasco.  Served with Mexican Rice  $14


Enchiladas Verdes, Rojas, or Mole *

Pulled Chicken, Onions, Tomatoes, Sour Cream, Rolled into Soft Corn Tortillas, Topped with Spicy Rojas, Verdes or Mole Sauce, Queso Fresco, Crema & Onions. Served with Refried Beans and Mexican Rice. $10


Taco, Enchilada, or Burrito, (All Served with Mexican Rice and Refried Beans)

Los Amigos Combo 

Choose Two  $9

Los Amigos Hungry Hombre 

Choose Three  $12


Guacamole  3.50, Mexican Rice, OR Refried Beans 3, Black Beans 3.50, Sour Cream .50,  Plantains 4, Tortillas  .25 Each, French Fries 4, Veggies  3,


Potato Chorizo Flautas

Two Corn Tortillas Fried Crispy with Soy Chorizo & Potatoes, Topped with  Lettuce, Coconut  Lime Crema,  Pickled Onions,  Roasted Garlic Jalapeno  Aioli   $9

Drunken Mushroom Tacos

Two Corn Tortillas with Chili-Beer Marinated Portobello’s, Floured & Fried, Guacamole, Cilantro, Onions, Ancho Chile Relish & Salsa Verdes  $9.50

Mushroom Tacos GF

Two Corn Tortillas with Pan Seared Shitake Mushrooms in an Orange Guajillo Salsa, Guacamole, Cabbage Slaw, Pickled Onions, Cilantro App  $8

Three Tacos Served with Rice & Beans. $16

Portobello Fajita *

 Chili Marinated Grilled Portobello’s Served  Over Fried Onions and Peppers with Pico De Gallo, Salsa Rojo, Poblano Coconut Crema, And Three Flour Tortillas Served with Rice and Black Beans. $15

Roasted Sweet Potato Burrito *

With Black Beans, Chile & Onion Raja, Smothered in Butternut Squash Sauce, Topped with Cranberry Reduction & Coconut Cream. Served with Rice.  $16

KIDS’S MENU (10 & Under)

Los Amigos Little Tex Mex *

Taco, Burrito or Enchilada, Mexican Rice & Nachos  $6

Loco Pollo   GF

Grilled Chicken Breast, Mexican Rice, & Vegetables  $7

Tortilla Melt 

Grilled Chihuahua Cheese filled Flour Tortilla, Served with Fries $5.5 (add Chicken—$2)